Outdoor Chair

Awareness about materiality has perhaps never been as important as today. Scala is a living object, that ages, changes, develops a patina. This project introduces a long-term reflection on the context of wood by choosing a repairable approach to sustain the future availability of this resource. Scala uses a local rot-proof timber and is created from the very nature of this material : an additive and dismountable construction system is designed for the longevity of the object and the projection into the many lives that a product can have over time. 
Thinking of an object over time is not only about conceptualizing a durable shape, but also projecting into its future form, understanding an aesthetic of use. In contact with the sun, the pieces of wood will become lighter in color; some of them will be replaced, creating a scale of shades and ages. 

Scala’s design focuses on this mosaic of tones by choosing a formal simplicity. The intention to articulate clearly a technical and aesthetically concept that goes beyond the single thought of an object.



Outdoor chair designed for the centenary of Villa Noailles,
Design Parade Hyères festival, 2023.

2023 年に開催された「Design Parade Hyères festival」
の100 周年記念の一環としてデザインされた屋外用チェア。