Poc a poc



Starting from an exploration of Northern Catalonia, this project is an itinerary telling the story of this region through objects. A collection emerges from my encounters, driven by the desire of being together and perpetuating an attachment to this land. Recognising the transmission potential inherent to design, this project aims to maintain a strong web of cultural links and to make them relevant today. Traditions and customs are approached as a source of richness leading to a new generation of objects. Through this approach, I intend to give a continuity to catalan culture by using the object as a transmission and relational tool.

Collaborations with craftsmen

Atelier Sant Vicens, Céramiques Calce, Sonia Le Van, François Brillard, Véronique Hennel & Maison Mosko, Lou Jaia, Julien Laporte, Jean Philippe Henric, Lizzie Alba.

Poc a poc

Poc a poc means step by step. It's a common expression in Catalonia that reflects the choice of slow, thoughtful action. “Think in the long term,” “Do not be hasty.”

Poc a pocとは、一歩一歩という意味である。カタルーニャ地方でよく使われる表現で、ゆっくり考えて行動することを意味する。「長期的に考える」「急がない」。

Project exhibited at Paris Design Week 2021
and at Musée des Arts Décoratifs de Paris in 2022.


‘Cantir’, unglazed terracotta
‘Porro’, blown glass indigo-dyed cotton knit
Centerpiece ‘vigatane’, hemp rope, faïence, leather
Card deck, silkscreening