Making Of

19 M シャネル
19 M Chanel


Opening exhibition of the 19M, Chanel's crafts building, Making of presents the milestones of its creation. Using steel structures and intertwined ropes, this aerial intervention visually reveals a living fabric of collaborations.

The scaffolding structures are reminiscent of its construction, offering potential for future combinations of versatility, removability and infinite recombination. In keeping with this standardised vocabulary, a human-scale game of assembly that will soon to become the defining trademark of the 19M, a system of ropes focuses on knotting techniques. This installation was created empirically : tying, untying, tightening, undoing, with a powerful commitment to the philosophy of " making " trusting the process and the intelligence of the hand. The ropes stand for the progression in time, but also for the connections between all people who have contributed. Each knot plays a key role here, symbolically reconstructing this intricate human network.



Set design commissioned by Chanel for the opening of the 19M.